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    1. Welcome to Rayma

      Rayma International Trading Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of security lock cylinder and locks. We have more than 10 years experience on exporting security products to worldwide market.

      In 2005, with the development of the exporting company, we become controlling shareholder of a factory Locate in Xiaolan, Guangdong Province which only 1 hour way to the Shenzhen or Guangzhou port.

      Our production is strictly made according to Euro-standard. Owing to the high quality of the Euro-profile lock cylinder, we are becoming trusted supplier for some famous security company in Europe. More than that, we are improving equipment step by step. And we focus


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      Telescopic Pin Cylinder

      lock cylinder
      Products Introduction

      A lock cylinder is used for cylinder lock by unscrew tools. It is easily rekeyed and easy to use with high security.


      The main advantage is easy to be removed and mounted without using special tools.

      Because the cylinder is profiled euro standard,it can be used for all cylinder lock from different manufacturer. So, once user need to rekey their lock, they just need to change the lock cylinder.

      The cylinder in different formats that can all be used the same type of key. This may have the user make the choice of KEY ALIKE SYSTEM,MASTER KEY SYSTEM which were convenience to use with high security.

      Type of cylinder

      Reversible computer key(also named Dimple key or Hollow coding) lock cylinders. 6pins / 7pins / 10 pins are available to assure the high security. Special device achieve snaping resistent.

      Reversible computer key with snaking key way to supply more code combination. Also, the bump can be resistant. Teeth key cylinder with high security.

      MK/KA/YKA/GMK are available

      The usage of lock cylinder system :

      Individually Keyed System(KD)

      With an individually keyed system,each cylinder can be opened by its unique key.

      Key Alike (KA)

      This system allows for a number of cylinders to be operated by the same code key.It is ideally suited to residential and commercial applications such as front and back doors.

      Master Keyed (MK)

      A master-keyed system involves each lock having its own individual key which will not operate any other lock in the system,but where all locks can be operated by a single master-key.This is usually applied in commercial environments.

      Grand Master Keyed (GMK)

      This is an extension of the master-keyed system where each lock has its own individual key and the locks are divided into 2 or more groups.Each lock group is operated by a master-key and the entire system is operated by one grand master-key.This is ideally utilized in complex commercial systems.

      Lock Cylinder Categories

      lock cylinder